Flypor Pour-On Solution


Pour-on for the control of flies and lice, and for the treatment of mange on cattle |

Dosage & Administration
Flies, Live and Mange: Apply at the rate of 1ml to 10kg bodyweight (up to a maximum of 40ml).

Flies: A single dose is normally sufficient to control flies for up to 8 weeks. The first treatment should be carried out when the number of flies starts to increase. In cases of heavy infestation, the dose rate may be repeated at 4 weeks intervals. 

Lice: Apply in the same way as the fly dosage. A single dose is normally sufficient to control all lice. In certain cases of heavy infestation the dose may be repeated after 4 weeks. 

Mange: The calculated dose should be applied directly to all viibly affected areas; any remaining should be poured along the back line int he normal way. The dose dhould be repated after 4 weeks. 

Withdrawal Period 
Meat - Animals must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment. 
Cattle may be slaughtered for human consumption only after 3 days from the last treatment.

Milk - Cattle producing milk for human consumption should be treated immediately after milking to allow as long an interval as possible (at least 6 hours) before the next milking.
There is no need to withhold milk from subsequent milkings.

Contraindictions, Warnings etc
Avoid the eyes when applying product to the head. 
Care should be taken when applying the product, as it may have an adverse effect on certain plastics. 

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