Rutland ESM2500 Mains Fence Energiser 09-107R


Rutland ESM2500 Mains Fence Energiser
Mains-powered energiser with 7.5 stored joules suitable for permanent fencing.


  • Voltage Indicator lights built-in
  • Audible fault warning alarm sounds if low voltage or earth fault is detected
  • High and low output terminals for long or short fences

Power Specifications:
Power Source: 220/230v
Stored Energy: 7.5 Joules 
Max Power Use: 10 Watt
Open Volts: 9,500v
Number of Nets: N/A 

Distance Rating Based on HT wire:
No Vegetation: 30 km
Moderate Vegetation: 7 km
High Vegetation: 3 km

Recommended for use with Poultry, Ducks, Cattle, Horses, Pigs, Sheep, Goats and Rabbits.


By ordering this item you confirm that you are the owner or keeper of livestock. We can only supply this product to the United Kingdom.

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