Bravoxin 10


Bravoxin 10 is a liquid vaccine for injection containing inactivated clostridial antigens with an aluminium potassium sulphate (alum) adjuvant. It is a light brown aqueous suspension that settles on storage, which resuspends on shaking.

Bravoxin 10 is for the active immunisation of sheep and cattle against diseases caused by Clostridiumperfringens type A; C. perfringens type B; C. perfringens type C; C. perfringens type D; C. chauvoei; C. novyi type B; C. septicum; C. sordellii; C. haemolyticum and against tetanus caused by C. tetani. For the passive immunisation of lambs and calves against infection caused by the above mentioned clostridial species (except C. haemolyticum in sheep).

Dosage & Administration
Sheep: From 2 weeks of age - Dose: 1ml
Cattle: From 2 weeks of age - Dose: 2ml

By subcutaneous injection at a suitable site. The recommended site is the loose skin on the side of the neck. 

Primary Vaccination: Two doses should be administered, 4-6 weeks apart. 
Booster Vaccination: A single dose should be administered at 6 to 12 month intervals. 

Use in Pregnancy: To provide passive protection of the offspring, via the colostrum, a single booseter dose should be administered between 8 and 2 weeks before parturition, provided that animals have received a full primary vccination course before pregnancy. 

Withdrawal Period
Zero days. 

Contraindictions, Warnings etc
The effectiveness of the vaccine in providing passive immunity to young lambs and calves depends on these animals ingesting adequate amounts of colostrum on the first day of life. 
In the event of an anaphylactic reaction appropriate treatment such as adrenaline should be administered without delay.

Available in 50ml and 100ml

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50ml, 100ml

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